Taco Bell Menu Prices and Why Taco Bell is Awesome!

Taco Bell menu pricesJust about every American has visited Taco Bell at some point to sample their delightful “Tex-Mex” food. Open until 2am and beyond, the popular fast food chain is there for you if you feel like a late night snack or are coming back from the clubs.

However, many people like to view the Taco Bell menu prices online before they actually visit their local outlet so they can see exactly what is on offer.

The main thing to keep in mind about Taco Bell menu prices is that you won’t need much money to eat like a king. Taco Bell is well known for being a “cheap but high quality” fast food chain, and with the recent introduction of their $1 menu it is now even cheaper.

So what are some of the highlights of the Taco Bell menu? Well, there is a Crunchy Taco for only $1.19, or if you are in the mood for something more filling you can pick up a Grilled Steak Taco for the low price of $2.29.

Other highlights include the 7-Layer Burrito for $2.29, a Mexican Pizza for $3.29, and a Chalupa Supreme for $2.29.

You can see more Taco Bell menu prices on their official website or by visiting one of the many Taco Bell stores around America.

4 reasons why Taco Bell and the Taco Bell menu prices area awesome is awesome:


Reason 1 – affordable for everybody

As you can see from the Taco Bell menu prices above, their prices are extremely affordable no matter what your budget. Feed your whole family for less than $20!

Reason 2 – menu inspired by top chefs

In recent years Taco Bell has hired top chefs like Lorena Garcia to come up with a range of tasty dishes to put on the menu. You won’t find anything like that at McDonalds or KFC.

Reason 3 – tasty food

While visiting Taco Bell is not generally the most healthiest of activities, there is no denying that the food is very tasty indeed. Even if you are on a diet there is nothing wrong with treating yourself once a month to a Taco Bell meal.

Reason 4 – the $1 menu

As mentioned before, Taco Bell now offer an exclusive $1 menu for people who are not looking to spend a lot of money. They are the only fast food chain to have taken this bold step, which means you can eat at Taco Bell for cheaper than anywhere else.

The Taco Bell menu prices really are that low. Don’t forget to also look for Taco Bell coupons. Enjoy!

Find Out Why Taco Bell Menu Prices Rock The House!

Taco Bell menu prices

I appreciate you taking time out of your day to visit my Taco Bell menu prices blog that I created for people like you and me.  If you came here looking for latest information regarding Taco Bell prices, Taco Bell coupons, etc, then you have certainly come to the right site and I encourage you to keep reading.   I fell in love with this restaurant when I was in high school as probably many of you did to, and even though I am 43 years old, I still find it a treating visiting them.  Since the Taco Bell hours are great, I can visit at any time.

The Latest Taco Bell Menu Prices

The wonderful thing about Taco Bell menu prices is that they are created with you, the consumer, in mind.  They understand that people don’t want to spend an arm and a leg when they go out to eat outside the house.  Yes they want good food value, but they are also looking to fill their stomachs with quality ingredients that make they feel satisfied.  Taco Bell offers both.

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Taco Bell Locations Near You

It doesn’t matter where you are when the urge hits you for great tasting tacos.  Chances are, there will be a few Taco Bell locations close to you.  While other places brag about their dollar menus, this place really delivers.  Some of the items they offer for under a dollar are incredibly filling and don’t leave you with that bloated feeling you get at other fast food spots.  Their selection of beverages is also awesome.  They have stuff there you just can’t find anywhere else.

Again, before you go, make sure you look for Taco Bell online coupons.  A Taco Bell coupon will save you more money that you may realize.  It would be great if you were able to get one, but if not don’t worry.  As I said before, the taco bell menu prices are so reasonable that you can go there anytime knowing you will get great value for your hard earned money.  If you are like me, then you will keep coming back time and again, regardless if you have online coupons for Taco Bell or not!

Los precios del menú de Taco Bell y las razones por las cuáles Taco Bell es tan genial

menu de taco bellPrácticamente todo americano ha visitado Taco Bell en algún momento de su vida para probar su deliciosa comida “Tex-Mex”. Con horarios de apertura hasta las 2 de la mañana o más, la popular cadena de comida rápida está ahí para Ud. si en algún momento tiene ganas de un tentempié a altas horas de la noche o si está volviendo a casa luego de salir a bailar.

Sin embargo, muchas personas ven primero los precios del menú de Taco Bell por internet antes de visitar su sucursal más cercana para ver qué está exactamente en oferta.

Lo principal a tener en cuenta acerca de los precios de menú de Taco Bell es que no necesitará mucho dinero para comer como un rey. Taco Bell es conocida por ser una cadena de comida rápida “barata pero de gran calidad”, y con la reciente introducción de su menú de $1 se ha vuelto aún más barato comer ahí.

Entonces, ¿Cuáles son las principales atracciones del menú de Taco Bell? Para empezar, tenemos al Crunchy Taco por sólo $1.19, o si tiene ganas de algo más llenador puede escoger el Grilled Steak Taco por el muy accesible precio de $2.29.

Puede ver aún más precios del menú de Taco Bell en su sitio web oficial o visitando uno de los tantos locales de Taco Bell alrededor del país.

4 razones por las cuáles Taco Bell es genial

Razón 1 – El Menu de Taco Bell es accesible para cualquier bolsillo

Como puede observar en los precios de menú de Taco Bell más arriba, sus precios son extremadamente accesibles sin importar cuál sea su presupuesto. Alimente a toda su familia ¡Por menos de $20!

Razón 2 – Los menús son creados por los mejores chefs

En los últimos años Taco Bell ha contratado a chefs de calibre mundial como Lorena Garcia para idear una gran variedad de nuevos platillos e incluirlos en el menú. No encontrará algo parecido ni en McDonalds o KFC.

Razón 3 – Comida deliciosa

Si bien comer en Taco Bell no es una de las actividades más sanas en las que pueda incurrir, no se puede negar que la comida es realmente deliciosa. Incluso si está a dieta no hay nada de malo en darse con un gusto una vez al mes con un platillo de Taco Bell.

Razón 4 – El menú de $1

Como mencionamos anteriormente, Taco Bell ahora ofrece un exclusivo menú de $1 para personas que no quieren gastar demasiado dinero. Es la única cadena de comida rápida que ha dado ese osado paso, lo que significa que en Taco Bell puede comer a menos precio que en cualquier otro lugar.

Los precios de Taco Bell son increíblemente bajos. ¡Disfrute!

Taco Bell Menu Prices Are Amazing

Taco Bell menu prices

Have you checked out the Taco Bell menu prices lately? If not, get in your car and head on over to one of America’s favorite fast food restaurants and see what you have been missing. Take it from someone who eats there at least five days a week; the food you will find there is top quality and believe it or not, it’s not bad for you.

Taco Bell Menu Prices Make Dining Out Bearable

Besides the food being awesome, the Taco Bell menu prices make it affordable for families to eat out. My kids love going to any of the Taco Bell locations that is near them. Whether we are at home or on vacation, if there is a Taco Bell Restaurant nearby, they want to visit it. The great Taco Bell hours of operation mean they will probably be open when you crave their selections most.

Finding Taco Bell Coupons

Because I know they love it so much, I am always looking for Taco Bell coupons that help me save money at the register. I usually will be able to get some by doing a search on the Internet. When I do, I don’t always find them immediately, but I will locate some every once in a while. I have also had good fortune finding them in the mail and in my Sunday newspaper where they put all the advertisements.

The best thing is that even if I am not able to get my hands on any, the Taco Bell menu prices are so reasonable, that I am a winner either way. Taco Bell coupon or not, I know that when I go there I am going to get good value for my dollar and my family will be very happy with my selection.  The more online coupons for Taco Bell I have, the happier I will be.


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Taco Bell Menu Prices Always Feature Some Special Deals

Taco Bell menu prices

Never watch a Taco Bell television advertisement when you are hungry because you will be headed to the drive through in mere minutes. Taco Bell menu prices are reasonable but people can usually steer clear if they have just eaten. However, even the least hungry individuals cannot resist the featured deals.

Why Taco Bell Menu Prices Are So Popular

The Taco Bell menu prices are popular for many reasons.  We all have cravings for Mexican food every so often. Thinking about breaking out the skillet and preparing a taco dinner sounds good but is rather time-consuming, not to mention messy. Why bother when we can go to any number of Taco Bell locations and buy a 12-pack of tacos and feed the entire family plus the neighbors? This is a great way to serve dinner in a flash. The kids will greet mom or dad with hugs and kisses rather than snarls when they see the big purple box of tacos. 

The Taco Bell Menu Always Makes me Happy

Hungry after a long night of partying? Nothing will hit the spot better than an original or bacon ranch five-buck box. It features a new chicken flatbread sandwich, crunchy taco, burrito supreme, and fountain drink. Anyone who manages to get through all of this food deserves a prize (or some Alka-Seltzer).

But alas, there is an even larger box meal to enjoy at Taco Bell these days. A box filled with a crunchy taco, burrito supreme, cheesy Gordita crunch, and a fountain drink is something only the hungriest diner can consume in one sitting. When the eyes are bigger than the stomach, buy a second drink and share this meal with another person. Taco Bell food is best enjoyed when purchased, not refrigerated overnight, so bring a friend along to avoid wasting any food.  The great Taco Bell menu prices make the food taste even tastier, if you know what I mean.

Other current specials include the new chicken flatbread sandwich in either original or bacon ranch for just 99 cents. Diners also have four two-dollar meal deals to choose from, each with a medium soda and bag of Doritos. Select the beefy five-layer burrito, Gordita Supreme, grilled chicken burrito, or double-decker taco, each of which will satisfy the stomach. Kids can enjoy a taco, cinnamon twists, juice, and a toy surprise for a very reasonable price.

Taco Bell menu prices for featured items are so inexpensive that diners can sample some of the new offerings. Top off the meal with a limeade sparkler or enjoy a Fruitista Freeze in strawberry or mango strawberry. “Why pay more” is one of the Taco Bell taglines and it puts its menu prices where its mouth is when it comes to this.   Don’t forget to search for Taco Bell coupons online.  You can find online coupons on the Internet without much trouble.

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